Dharma Wizard Design is the name I use for my craft and design projects: Dharma Wheel wall hangings and meditation mandalas, other artistic fabric art projects, Peace Horns T-shirts, and my own and others' print and internet publishing projects. If you're interested in any of these items, please e-mail me at the link below!
Each Dharma Wheel is unique, freehand-cut, machine stitched for durability and hand-finished. Based on traditional designs, they incorporate modern and cross-cultural elements as well as personal motifs in custom Wheels. Aids to meditation or conversation.
Tie-dyed or not, hand-painted, each one unique and individual.
Peace & :Longhorns; it's irresistible!
"The Birth of Weaving." In honor of Amado Pena, Rod Velarde, and Terry Martinez. Matt Kleinman collection.

"Flowerseller, el D.F." Scout & Cass Hook collection.
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